How the Health Industry is making you poor, sick and (quite probably) fat.

Your health has become a product you cannot afford. Or even understand. It has been taken out of your hands and placed in the hands of the health industry. In a perfect expression of capitalism your health has been productised, commercialised, and then sold back to you at a cost you cannot sustain. In countries where health care costs are heavily subsidised by government tax revenues, the whole system is now under enormous financial pressure. So whether you pay as you go, or suffer the huge costs of medical insurance, or whether you pay via the taxation system, health care … Continue reading

The Medical Establishment Vs Alternative Medicine. Is there a winner?

In Australia there is an estimated 18,000 deaths and 50,000 permanent disabilities caused by medical practitioners registered with the AMA – every year! This is people dying or being disabled as a direct result of their professional medical treatment, and usually while in hospital.

These statistics are hotly contested but the fact remains that a significant number of people are dying or injured as a direct result of their professional medical care. Worse, nothing seems to be changing.

These deaths and disabilities are generally the result of incompetence, often related to not following existing procedures. This includes doctors prescribing wrong … Continue reading