Surgery and medicinal cannabis

After nine months of trying to beat my cancer with medicinal cannabis we realised that, if it were to kill my cancer, it may take years. Nine months of the oil was quite enough. I opted for surgery.

With the benefit of hindsight I would have gone about my cannabis program quite differently, but there wasn’t anyone to show me the way and I was trying to figure it out on my own. Now that I have had surgery I have finally figured it out – which I am sharing with you.

I can’t say that medicinal cannabis would have worked for me simply because I had a very large, very old tumour. I had a PSA well over 10 and a Gleeson Score of 8 on both tumours. From everything I have learned over the last year I would suggest that for a Gleeson score under 7 and a PSA less than 10 you would be much more likely to get results.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that a cancer stem cell (this is the heart of the tumour) which is less than six months old is very likely to be be efficiently eliminated by THC. The older the tumour the harder it is to deal with. And there are multiple other factors to take into account including the type and nature of the cancer, and strains of cannabis that are more (or less) effective at dealing with certain cancer types.

My program was primarily compromised by lack of clear information or guidance. As a nutritionist and exercise therapist I could sort my own diet and exercise program, but lack of clarity about dosage definitely undermined the whole process. Looking back the biggest mistake was taking too much THC. The recommended dosage was one gram a day – which is crazy. I was taking about .45 grams a day which is still way too much – and didn’t work. My conclusion now is that THC will work at much lower doses – or it is not going to work. Taking more will not help – only taking it for a longer period may. Over the nine months I took the oil the tumours had been contained and reduced, even if not eliminated.

For me, nine months of THC was too much. However, it had given me time to get used to the idea of surgery – it gave me the opportunity to consider my options in my own time.

So we changed our thinking to how we could use the medicinal cannabis for surgery and recovery – and the results were spectacular.

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