My Pottsville Studio

Hi and thanks for dropping in. I’m Pete Newman and I’m a Personal Trainer, Exercise Therapist and Nutritionist. I am also the author of Eat, Move and Thrive – the 5 secrets of very healthy people. My focus is getting bodies to work properly – whether that is getting off the couch, overcoming injury, or achieving peak physical function for sport.

How I can help you at my Studio:

  • If you want to get off the couch into an effective exercise program without getting injured in the process. I can help you achieve whatever level of fitness you want from there.
  • If your body needs fixing – rehabilitation from a back or knee injury for example (including long term), whether that is associated with pain or not. I have had great success in helping people who have not been able to get results before.
  • If you want to improve your performance in your chosen recreational sport.
  • If you want to improve your diet – for weight loss or improved performance.
  • And for something out of the box, I am also big on self-defence, providing training in boxing / kickboxing and risk assessment. I have worked with many teenagers in this area, teaching them how to avoid trouble in the first place – and how to look after themselves if they can’t.

You can check out my bio here.

If you want to contact me for more info about my studio and how I might be able to help you please feel free to contact me via the form below or phone me on 0468 690042.


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