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I have listed some of my qualifications and testimonials here:


  • Certificates 3 and 4 in Fitness (personal trainer inc special populations)
  • Certified Nutritionist (Harvard University)
  • Certified Wellness Coach
  • Certified Senior First Aid
  • Certified Kettlebell instructor



  • Exercise Therapy  (Including corrective exercise).
  • Postural assessments and corrective exercise.
  • Prehabilitation exercise programming.
  • Rehabilitation esp. long term dysfunction.
  • Myofascial release.
  • Integrated exercise programs.
  • Functional strength training.
  • Circuit and group training.
  • HIIT programs.
  • Strength and Conditioning.
  • Kettlebell instruction.
  • Kickboxing and self-defence.
  • Technique correction and injury prevention for runners.
  • Weight loss: Nutrition, exercise and lifestyle programs.
  • Training and advice for metabolic syndrome and diabetes.
  • Exercise and nutrition for Downs Syndrome.
  • Exercise for older adults.
  • Regenerative exercise for adults.
  • Exercise for children.
  • Author: Eat, Move & Thrive: the 5 secrets of very healthy people
  • Allied health strategies including osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage therapy and Naturopathy.


This is a sample demonstrating a cross section of Clients.

I work as a film director and designer and I’m also a busy mother.  With long punishing hours (sometimes 18 hour days) and an erratic schedule it’s never easy to fit in to a training schedule. Peter made it very easy for me with a flexible schedule. His extensive and holistic knowledge of the body, muscular system, nutrition and what exercise program generates the best results for your body type is a huge plus – he really gets results. And his knowledge is grounded in many years of experience.  I did various routines with Peter, HIIT (High intensity interval training), Anaerobic and aerobic sessions, resistance training and lots of jumping.  Peter tailored my workouts to what I wanted to achieve, my body type and my energy level for each session. It was perfect for me. I was toned and super fit very quickly and maintained my fitness – even at times when I could only do one session a week. If you want the best I urge you to book in for a block of sessions.  You’ll feel great and be doing your health a big favour. He’s easily the best trainer I’ve had.

Marcelle  Lunam.


I had a brilliant year with Pete! At first I was offended when my wife bought me personal training sessions for Xmas last year, but they transformed my life!

I turned 30 a few years ago, I had a reconstructed knee due to an ACL injury, and I seemed to be recovering from a new injury continually…but despite all this, I refused to come to terms with my own morbidity! Pete re-instilled that belief, but more importantly he reinvigorated my body…he strengthened my weaknesses and concentrated on my core. My weekly sessions were filled with plenty of pain negated by a barrel of laughs and philosophical insights into the world!

Michael Keller MD


My knee, which had had a number of operations, was causing me severe pain and a generally “poor quality of life”. I had seen an orthopaedic surgeon who advised I needed a knee replacement but was too young to have one.

After this I consulted Peter who devised a programme of exercises that over a period of six months transformed my knee from something that was painful to a strong knee that enabled me to live life “normally”. Suffice to say that I was both very impressed with, and very grateful, to Peter.
Simon Swanson


When I first started going to the gym myself, I thought it was all about gaining muscle mass, and trying to look physically bigger.  People always talk about how big ones arms or chest can get, or how ripped a six pack is!  But the problem I find is trying to maintain that level, or shape in the long run.

After starting personal training lessons with Pete, I straight away stepped away from all the equipment that I used to use, or see most people use at gyms.  One of the things he introduced me to was the cable machine, which till now I still think was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  Almost every workout can be achieved on this machine ranging from strength sets to speed sets in order to fine tune the muscle fitness.  I learnt that it’s not about how heavy I can lift, but rather how fit my muscles are when trying to maintain an achievable body shape and fitness.  

I have also changed my eating habits to one where I try to eat more natural whole foods.  Although this is not achievable all the time, he taught me what are the things that I should be careful of when having a meal, and what a meal should be made up of.  

Bringing all this together, I have definitely seen a change in the shape of my body and my fitness, whereby I am able to sustain an achievable body mass and structure without having to lift a whole heap of lead weights.  

Wait till you get a grasp of his kettle bells workout! 

Vincent Yee


Pete Newman has been my daughter’s personal trainer for 18 months. Ruth trains with Pete twice a week at the Parcfitness Gym in Bellevue Hill, Sydney. My daughter, aged 41, has Down syndrome, is pre diabetic and prone to weight increase. Pete has taken a great interest in Ruth’s fitness and weight issues. With his supervision Ruth has gained strength in her legs and upper body and control over her weight. Importantly Ruth enjoys all her sessions with Pete and responds well to his enthusiasm. I have found Pete to be extremely professional, with great expertise in his training methods and with extraordinary knowledge and understanding of food issues.

Pete has been very reliable in every way and has been a pleasure to deal with.

We are pleased for Pete’s move to Melbourne but sorry to lose such strong support for Ruth.

Peter Cromer


I have been training with Pete for the last 2 years. I was incredibly delighted to find someone who used such a different approach. Pete believes in training the core and a lot of the time uses your own weight. He also trained me in lots of balance techniques.

He informed me a lot about nutrition and the latest studies in training.  If I had a slight injury he could always work around it. I used to tell my friends that I had found the best personal trainer ever. I was devastated when he told me he was leaving to move to Melbourne. However he was concerned enough to make sure I knew all my programs with him and how to vary them so the body doesn’t get used to it.

I also joined many of his classes that were demanding but so effective.

I’m sure Pete will be sorely missed as he is so passionate about training and keeping fit. All I can say is our great loss is another’s amazing gain.

Beth Turner


If you would like to have a conversation please feel free to contact me via the form below or by phone on +6146869oo42.



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