Online Coaching

Hi and thanks for dropping in. I’m Pete Newman and I’m a Personal Trainer, Exercise Therapist and Nutritionist. I am also the author of Eat, Move and Thrive – the 5 secrets of very healthy people.

You may have read my book, the content on my blog, or perhaps heard me on the radio, and now you want to get going with a personalised exercise program, or work out how you can evolve your diet and nutrition.

Using Facebook, Skype or Google+ we can video chat about goal setting, strategy creation, exercise programming, and a wide variety of topics across the subjects of diet and nutrition.

As a certified Wellness Coach I have had great success in helping people articulate their own strategies, and find solutions to any ‘road blocks’ that may be getting in the way.

Our sessions come with a guarantee, so you only pay if you are satisfied with your session.

To find out more about my cred’ just follow this link, and you can enquire further by contacting me via the form below.


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