Eat, Move & Thrive


The 5 secrets of very healthy people.

The 5 secrets of very healthy people.

This book is essential reading if you want to achieve a sustainable state of great health – with the energy, vitality and quality of life that comes with that.
This book cuts through the confusion while covering all the diverse areas of knowledge you need for exceptional health. Most importantly it is a straightforward and easy read. It is concise and precise while also avoiding reductionist or simplistic arguments. This enables you to create effective strategies and take action that brings outstanding health and fitness outcomes.
This book includes:
How to see through the confusion that dominates nutrition and health – so you can make the best decisions for yourself or your family.
The logic of healthy eating so that you can make your own healthy choices – stress free and without counting calories (no dieting necessary!).
How to exercise effectively and create an active lifestyle – no need to go to the gym if you don’t want to!
Why great health should be your ultimate goal – and how this will help you lose weight naturally.
How you can create a personal culture of health – that supports your health for a lifetime.

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Below is professional assessment of the book:

1: Jonathon Harris: Titled Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, lecturer at Monash Uni, and director of Nepean Physiotherapy Clinic.

“As a physiotherapist I am often asked questions by clients about nutrition and exercise and how these issues might factor into what I am treating. I refer on to professionals in these particular areas when necessary. Pete Newman is one of the health professionals that I have referred clients to.

Pete’s book is easy to read, has no fancy ‘get skinny fast’ tricks, and no narrow prescriptive advice. In this book, Pete gives you the tools to take charge and change your own life. I think this is a must read for anyone who is ready to make change.

I can happily pass this book onto my clients so they can incorporate this knowledge into their everyday routine.”

2: Dr Patricia Vlahek – Osteopath, Clinic director, and Lecturer 

“This is a refreshing and practical look at health. This book combines all the facets needed to fulfil the concept of great health for life. Pete has taken a complex topic, made it real and easy to implement, with common sense leading way. His passion to get families healthy oozes from each chapter.

His comparison of recognised diets is invaluable for anyone wanting to understand nutrition in a world of confusion and overwhelm.  He has done the research, and gives it to you straight. And this is only one great aspect of his 5 practical steps to get you on the path of great health.

As an osteopath, coming from ‘the muscle and joint world’, his secrets on exercising for function was a breath of fresh air. His logic, intellect and experience show how the use of resistance exercise and technique overrule the many mistakes people make when attempting exercise. I recommend this approach with all my patients, and the results speak for themselves.

I will be recommending this book to our patient base, so they can benefit from a longer term approach to exercising, and to shift paradigms in their approach to health and weight loss. In Pete’s words, you have to get healthy to lose weight – a message that I anticipate this book will help to deliver.”

3: Angela Counsel. Naturopath and Author of Secret Mums Business.

“Pete has tackled the issues around food and what we eat from a totally different perspective.  This is not another diet book, this is a book that cuts through the confusion and makes it easy for anyone to understand healthy eating, and how to create a new level of health for themselves and their families.

This book enables you to make the right decisions around food and exercise that suit your lifestyle. You won’t find pages and pages of meal plans and food suggestions that frankly you would never follow. What you will find is great information and advice that you can adapt to suit you.

As a naturopath I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to my clients or anyone who wants to learn about healthy food choices and exercise in a holistic manner

Real information about real food and functional movement – this just about sums up Eat, Move and Thrive.”

4: Ronsley Vaz – Australia’s number one food podcaster

“I’ve been involved in food and performance for a long time, but Pete’s book is a revelation. Pete discusses the politics of the Food Industry, including the fact that our food is managed by the Department of Industry rather than the Department of Health, a fact I find astonishing.

I love the lateral thinking of this book. Pete makes you rethink everything about the food and health industries. What you thought was true – and who is on your side – it is all examined.”

5:  A note from the editor – Jacqui Pretty, Head Editor at Grammar Factory.

When I read the manuscript for Eat, Move, Thrive it had been two years since I’d done any serious exercise, and I realised just how much I was missing out on by not being physically active – from a physical, mental and emotional perspective.

It was luck that Pete’s studio was accessible to me and so I booked into Pete’s program. In just six weeks there was a noticeable difference. I was sleeping better, I had relief from neck and back pain (which had been a constant issue in my sedentary job) and I was physically stronger – all in less than a couple of hours a week!

From a mental perspective, I had more energy, I had better concentration and I was more productive. The real clincher, though, was that I was able to start classical ballet again – something that had been a dream for years but which always felt out of reach.

Physical health is the foundation of a full life, and Pete’s book is the first step to reclaiming yours.

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