The Mediterranean Diet vs The modern Western Diet: a lesson in food.

Mediterranean dietThe Mediterranean Diet was popularised by Ancel Keys, an American nutritional scientist living in Southern Italy in the 1940’s. Keys started investigating this diet because he observed the great health of the Southern Italian population, who also had the highest life expectancy in the world at the time.

This is not a ‘diet’ in the modern sense because it is not based on exclusions of food types – it is the way an entire population ate naturally, passed down through generations. It can be traced back more than … Continue reading

Why advice to quit sugar can kill you.

sugar cubes

Sugar is fast becoming public enemy number one. With the growing realisation that the low fat theory is fundamentally flawed the search for the real culprit has culminated with the blame being placed on sugar.

With the Heart Foundation sticking to its guns and continuing to blame fat despite its own research telling it otherwise any new thinking is left to people outside the establishment. In Australia the current ‘experts’ in the field are a lawyer, a journalist and … Continue reading

Is the high protein diet the best way to go?


A recent Catalyst program discussed – and promoted – the high protein diet. Despite commentary from a number of ‘experts’ some basic facts were not clarified and overall the program would have only contributed to the general confusion about nutrition. There are a number of points that need clarifying before you can make a decision about the value of this diet – and it is a ‘diet’ in the true sense because it excludes food groups.

Firstly, the premise of the discussion was weight loss and weight management. I don’t recall ‘health’ being discussed at all. The fundamental problem … Continue reading