A strategy for perfect human health.

It all begins with a template of perfect human health. We need one if we are to be proactive about our health because it is the measure of what we need to do, and what we can take responsibility for. This template, a model of absolute health, enables the strategies that make it possible for us to achieve excellent health as individuals and as a society.

So why don’t we have a template of perfect human health? One reason is that … Continue reading

Dieting is a failed concept. And you can lose weight without dieting.


I hate dieting!Dieting does not work. Everyone knows it, but we keep trying, looking for that special diet, the one that will work when all else has failed. We have been sold the message for so long that dieting is key to health that we don’t seem to be able to see past it. After decades of trying and failing it is time we start to think differently.

So what’s the big deal about weight loss and why is dieting considered the solution? Can you lose … Continue reading

How the Health Industry is making you poor, sick and (quite probably) fat.

Your health has become a product you cannot afford. Or even understand. It has been taken out of your hands and placed in the hands of the health industry. In a perfect expression of capitalism your health has been productised, commercialised, and then sold back to you at a cost you cannot sustain. In countries where health care costs are heavily subsidised by government tax revenues, the whole system is now under enormous financial pressure. So whether you pay as you go, or suffer the huge costs of medical insurance, or whether you pay via the taxation system, health care … Continue reading

Confused about sugar? Fructose can make you fat but glucose can kill you.

There seems to be as much confusion about sugar as there is interest at the moment, and mainly because of the random use of the word ‘sugar’. It is popularly used to refer to fructose – but it may also be referring to glucose or sucrose (the sugar we put in our coffee).

It is also virtually impossible to fully understand sugar without understanding insulin function. In my last post I wrote about fructose vs glucose but here I describe glucose, how it gets into our diet, how it affects our bodies, and the role of insulin, from A to … Continue reading

Concerned about fructose in your diet? This is what you need to know.

Today I saw a menu that included the option of ‘fructose free’. Given that fructose is present in virtually every vegetable or fruit that leaves very limited options: primarily meat, starchy vegetables, nuts and recipes that replace fructose with glucose.

I’m a Nutritionist, and I am at odds with the National Dietary Guidelines as is the ‘quit sugar camp’. BUT, there is a whole lot of misunderstanding about fructose, glucose and the health effects of a diet comprised of meat, potatoes and nuts!

Glucose is the principle cause of inflammation and cardiovascular disease in our diet. It is also the … Continue reading

25,000 Australians UNDER 65 have dementia. This is what you do now to prevent it.

The numbers:

Dementia affects 340,000 Australians, with 25,000 of them under the age of 65 and the numbers are set to increase by a third in less than 10 years.

One person is diagnosed with the disease every six minutes, and it is the third highest cause of mortality in Australia, and the second highest for women.

Each week 1800 new cases of dementia are diagnosed.

These are very sobering statistics for anyone of any age. Alzheimers and other causes of dementia don’t accrue overnight. It is directly related to how you are living now, even if 65 seems like … Continue reading

Social media vs health: turning an eating disorder into a successful brand.

Fashion photo of beautiful and young lady in swimsuitsIf I asked you to promote my new brand ‘Freelee the Banana Girl’ would you laugh at me? But this is a successful brand that has been built through social media. It features a skinny 30 something who champions a high carb low fat diet – she is essentially a Fruitarian (she claims 97% of her food is fruit). Her story goes that after battling eating disorders and failing at many diets she eventually worked out that if she lived on fruit … Continue reading

Successful weightloss: it’s all in your mind!

Weight loss may be a goal, but is that what you really want? When a new client says that their goal is to lose weight I’m pretty sure they are really looking for something that actually has more meaning – to have more energy, to de-stress, to sleep better, enjoy a better mood, and to thrive. They really want good health in order to improve their quality of life.

Body image is a concern for all of us, but ultimately that is a reflection of our state of health. When you achieve good health, weight loss will follow naturally and … Continue reading

Exceptional Health – this is what it takes!

I was 50 when life gave me a kick in the pants and motivated me to get healthy. But where was I going to start? Most people will go for a run or join a gym, or try a new diet. My option was a bit more radical – I became a personal trainer. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the answer. However it did put me in the zone and gave me a chance to figure it all out. And after helping a lot of people get started it has become clear what the most common challenges are.

The very first thing: … Continue reading

Understanding the Paleo Diet – is it for you?

Paleo the high fat diet

This diet is also known as the hunter-gatherer or caveman diet. It is premised on theories about what humans ate historically, notably pre-agriculture. The logic of the theory has certainly encouraged participation and some very passionate proponents.  In its purest form this can be a healthy diet. The benefits are that it focuses on micronutrients from plants, and healthy fats with a reduced ratio of animal protein. It also excludes all … Continue reading