Lack of exercise is a greater health risk than being overweight.

Overweight parents with their son The core message of extensive research is quite clear: lack of exercise has a larger negative effect on your health than being overweight. This is in contrast to the popular idea that being overweight is the principle cause of metabolic and chronic disease. What this means is that the factors that contribute to weight gain are more significant causes of disease than the extra weight itself.

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Does exercise work for weight loss?

People gym exercises icons setThe short answer is yes it does. However some forms of exercise are more effective than others, some don’t help at all, some will help you to keep the weight off, and others won’t.

To understand the most effective exercise for weight loss it is important to first understand the process of weight gain. Your body is designed to adapt very efficiently. It will hypertrophy (adapt … Continue reading

Exercise improves your quality of life beyond measure – but what is it exactly?

skippingExercise has a powerful effect on your physical, mental and emotional health. It is a profoundly useful means for being proactive about your health. The benefits of exercise are extensive – it boosts your metabolism and keeps you vital, it keeps your body strong and functional, it is great for cardiovascular health, it is essential to maintain reflexes, balance and stability, quickness and power. It improves your bioage and keeps you young!

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Exercise increases neural density and makes you smarter.

Exercise causes your brain to adapt. This improves brain function, and it doesn’t matter what your age. Researchers have shown children who exercise (games, play etc) have a greater mass of brain matter. This makes them smarter. This becomes more relevant the older you get  – exercise will prevent the loss of brain function that is associated with dementia.

Just 30 minutes of exercise has benefits for the brain.

Exercise is a medicine that becomes more important with age.


The human body never loses the ability to adapt – whatever your age exercise will stimulate your body. Exercise achieves much more than strength adaptations though. It improves proprioception (balance, stability), joint stability, improves range of movement, functional capacity – but exercise is also medicine. It stimulates the body to heal. This research is interesting:

PLOS ONE: Healthy Lifestyles Reduce the Incidence of Chronic Diseases and Dementia: Evidence from the Caerphilly Cohort Study.