Understanding the Paleo Diet – is it for you?

Paleo the high fat diet

This diet is also known as the hunter-gatherer or caveman diet. It is premised on theories about what humans ate historically, notably pre-agriculture. The logic of the theory has certainly encouraged participation and some very passionate proponents.  In its purest form this can be a healthy diet. The benefits are that it focuses on micronutrients from plants, and healthy fats with a reduced ratio of animal protein. It also excludes all … Continue reading

The Mediterranean Diet vs The modern Western Diet: a lesson in food.

Mediterranean dietThe Mediterranean Diet was popularised by Ancel Keys, an American nutritional scientist living in Southern Italy in the 1940’s. Keys started investigating this diet because he observed the great health of the Southern Italian population, who also had the highest life expectancy in the world at the time.

This is not a ‘diet’ in the modern sense because it is not based on exclusions of food types – it is the way an entire population ate naturally, passed down through generations. It can be traced back more than … Continue reading

Does exercise work for weight loss?

People gym exercises icons setThe short answer is yes it does. However some forms of exercise are more effective than others, some don’t help at all, some will help you to keep the weight off, and others won’t.

To understand the most effective exercise for weight loss it is important to first understand the process of weight gain. Your body is designed to adapt very efficiently. It will hypertrophy (adapt … Continue reading

Great health requires the support of multiple modalities. Are you taking advantage of all the amazing resources available?

Exceptional health is available to everyone. There is an abundance of resources available help you. By being proactive you can also prevent serious health issues emerging. So who do you see and how do you know the best from the rest?

There are Personal Trainers, Exercise physiologists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Massage therapists, Naturopaths, Dieticians, General Practitioners, Specialists, Wellness Coaches and organisations like The Cancer Council – and more.

A Naturopath is … Continue reading

Exercise improves your quality of life beyond measure – but what is it exactly?

skippingExercise has a powerful effect on your physical, mental and emotional health. It is a profoundly useful means for being proactive about your health. The benefits of exercise are extensive – it boosts your metabolism and keeps you vital, it keeps your body strong and functional, it is great for cardiovascular health, it is essential to maintain reflexes, balance and stability, quickness and power. It improves your bioage and keeps you young!

It is … Continue reading

Why do you age and what can you do about it? How you age is really up to you!

older lady exercising

Ageing is both a universal and a personal process. The factors that define ageing are biologically inescapable but personal choices over a lifetime will also have a significant impact. Your chronological age does not predetermine your biological age – also referred to as functional age or fitness age.

I am 56 years of age but the bio-tests put me at 30. However I have had too many clients in their … Continue reading

Why advice to quit sugar can kill you.

sugar cubes

Sugar is fast becoming public enemy number one. With the growing realisation that the low fat theory is fundamentally flawed the search for the real culprit has culminated with the blame being placed on sugar.

With the Heart Foundation sticking to its guns and continuing to blame fat despite its own research telling it otherwise any new thinking is left to people outside the establishment. In Australia the current ‘experts’ in the field are a lawyer, a journalist and … Continue reading

Is the high protein diet the best way to go?


A recent Catalyst program discussed – and promoted – the high protein diet. Despite commentary from a number of ‘experts’ some basic facts were not clarified and overall the program would have only contributed to the general confusion about nutrition. There are a number of points that need clarifying before you can make a decision about the value of this diet – and it is a ‘diet’ in the true sense because it excludes food groups.

Firstly, the premise of the discussion was weight loss and weight management. I don’t recall ‘health’ being discussed at all. The fundamental problem … Continue reading

Exercise increases neural density and makes you smarter.

Exercise causes your brain to adapt. This improves brain function, and it doesn’t matter what your age. Researchers have shown children who exercise (games, play etc) have a greater mass of brain matter. This makes them smarter. This becomes more relevant the older you get  – exercise will prevent the loss of brain function that is associated with dementia.

Just 30 minutes of exercise has benefits for the brain.