Most back pain is unnecessary. Here’s why and how to fix it.

I have a client who had been suffering with back pain for 30 years. It had affected his quality of life considerably. He spent his weekends lying on the couch just trying to escape the pain, and dreading the return to work on Monday. When he came to me I asked him to put his finger on the point of pain. Unsurprisingly he pointed to the attachment point of the glute medius, which is just below the crest of your … Continue reading

SECRET FITNESS BUSINESS. How to get fit efficiently.

Is there a secret to getting fit? Yes. Knowing what adaptations your body requires in order for you to get fit will save you a lot of time and wasted effort – and get you real results. This translates as ‘strategy’ – one that is well designed and is personal to you. Not someone else’s strategy – but your own. I can say with confidence that it is rare to find anyone starting exercise with a strategy of any kind. Joining … Continue reading

A strategy for perfect human health.

It all begins with a template of perfect human health. We need one if we are to be proactive about our health because it is the measure of what we need to do, and what we can take responsibility for. This template, a model of absolute health, enables the strategies that make it possible for us to achieve excellent health as individuals and as a society.

So why don’t we have a template of perfect human health? One reason is … Continue reading

Learning to de-stress: the optimist, the pessimist and the parachute.

The optimist and the pessimistI was going to start with a story about an optimist and a pessimist but unfortunately it would be the same old one about how the optimist got on with their life while the pessimist stayed at home feeling hopeless – and maybe even resenting the optimist. They both face the same challenges in life but the optimist keeps moving forward while the pessimist stresses about all the things … Continue reading

Dieting is a failed concept. And you can lose weight without dieting.


I hate dieting!Dieting does not work. Everyone knows it, but we keep trying, looking for that special diet, the one that will work when all else has failed. We have been sold the message for so long that dieting is key to health that we don’t seem to be able to see past it. After decades of trying and failing it is time we start to think differently.

So what’s the big deal about weight loss and why is dieting considered the solution? Can you … Continue reading

The weight loss industry is killing us slowly – overweight or not.

The weight loss industry captures customers with a marketing strategy that cynically plays on self-worth and family values. Advertising loaded with smiling, skinny people implies that if you are fat you are a loser because you have no self-control. If you are fat you are a bad parent because you can’t keep up with your kids. Not to mention that if you are fat you are, by default, ugly and unacceptable. ‘Appalling’ is an … Continue reading

Preventative health care: is there a successful model we can build on?

Hand with marker writing the word Preventive HealthcareApart from the potential to save billions of dollars, preventative health care provides the opportunity to enable affordable health care and a better quality of life right across society. But how would preventative health function as the primary form of health care? And what would preventative health care look like on a scale that resembles the current interventionist system? But where do we even … Continue reading

How the Health Industry is making you poor, sick and (quite probably) fat.

Your health has become a product you cannot afford. Or even understand. It has been taken out of your hands and placed in the hands of the health industry. In a perfect expression of capitalism your health has been productised, commercialised, and then sold back to you at a cost you cannot sustain. In countries where health care costs are heavily subsidised by government tax revenues, the whole system is now under enormous financial pressure. So whether you pay as you go, or suffer the huge costs of medical insurance, or whether you pay via the taxation system, health care … Continue reading

How to raise kids (and have them love you for it).

Father and sonIt is disturbingly common to hear stories of parents who are at war with their kids. How did your bundle of joy turn into difficult, exasperating, pain in the proverbial? Well, potentially one of many reasons actually, but believe it or not the fix can be relatively simple.

Parents with an uncooperative, attention seeking child (or maybe more than one) are stressed and confused. So many questions – do they have a behavioural disorder? Is it my fault? Where am I going wrong? Is it genetic? Must … Continue reading

The Medical Establishment Vs Alternative Medicine. Is there a winner?

In Australia there is an estimated 18,000 deaths and 50,000 permanent disabilities caused by medical practitioners registered with the AMA – every year! This is people dying or being disabled as a direct result of their professional medical treatment, and usually while in hospital.

These statistics are hotly contested but the fact remains that a significant number of people are dying or injured as a direct result of their professional medical care. Worse, nothing seems to be changing.

These deaths and disabilities are generally the result of incompetence, often related to not following existing procedures. This includes doctors prescribing wrong … Continue reading