Pete Newman ppHi and welcome. Culture of Health has been created to provide content that enables proactivity and self-responsibility for anyone whose goal is to enjoy the benefits of great health. This content challenges the status quo, and provides for a completely new perspective, both of which are necessary given the current state of general health.

I’ll be honest and tell you up front that I believe that the health and fitness industries are the main obstacles for most people who want to achieve great health. This is a confrontational position I know, but I go into the necessary detail in my blog – the essence though is that people simply don’t have the time to get to the gym, but they believe that they have to if they want to do exercise. So they just don’t do anything.

The health industry has productised and commercialised your health resulting in an interventionist, highly profitable system. The health system is also fractured as modalities compete rather than cooperate. And when it comes to nutrition, well that is just chaos. Everyone knows that they shouldn’t be eating processed food and that dieting doesn’t work, but beyond that most people are left to just guess – or spend a fortune on dieticians. Why? How has good nutrition become a mystery? It is simple logic that says good nutrition should be obvious and available.

The result is that, at a time when we have so much incredible health science and technology, people are getting sicker rather than healthier. It’s much like going bankrupt in a goldmine – just ridiculous.

We live in a world where we have the best opportunity in human history to be healthy and well and yet public health is in decline and the current generation of children will be the first to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.  What the??

After many years of helping people achieve great health I have worked out how to put people in the picture – how to take the pieces of the jigsaw that they have, add the ones they are missing, and have the big picture come into focus. I have also put the whole picture into perspective in my book ‘Eat, Move & Thrive – the 5 secrets of very healthy people’, which you can get in bookstores and online. It has been selling well in Australia and the UK and I recommend that you check it out because you will get all the answers you need in a single resource.  Booktopia is possibly best for Australia and Amazon internationally (Amazon also hosts the Kindle copy).

If you happen to live in or near Pottsville in northern New South Wales, I have a private Studio where you can also get personal coaching.

Please feel free to check out my blog – I post about once a month and you can subscribe to be notified when I do.

I am also creating a forum where you can ask questions and share experiences. I am definitely not a tech head (and would rather be anywhere but on a computer) but I am doing all the website and video production myself – however I would love for you to participate and help create a community of health focussed people who want to rise above the status quo, and help others too.

There are also a series of videos covering exercise and nutrition, with many more in production.

If you want to know more about me and what I do, then just follow this link.

If you want to contact me, just fill in the contact form below.

I wish you the best for your efforts to achieve (and maintain) great health, and hope I can be of help in some way!




Welcome to Culture of Health

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