Personal Training and Fitness Coaching. This is for anyone who wants to get fit in the most efficient and effective way, making it possible to achieve any level of fitness desired.

I also coach athletes to fine tune their bodies for their best results. This includes marathon, basketball, cricket, golf, kickboxing and MMA.



Exercise Therapy. This includes rehabilitation and prehabilitation. This is for people who have an existing functional deficit that needs to be addressed in order to achieve anatomically correct and pain free functionality, and for anyone wanting to address latent issues that may be a problem when wanting to begin regular exercise.

I have had excellent results in helping people overcome long term functional deficits, often associated with pain. These results are the product of a sound strategy that includes allied health professionals if necessary.


Exercise as medicine. Exercise is a powerful way to prevent chronic disease, and it is also an incredible therapy if disease does strike. I am a genetic cancer survivor and I used exercise as an effective component of my treatment. I have also successfully helped people with diabetes, high blood pressue, CVD and post op recovery. I also do pre-surgery and post-surgery exercise and nutrition programs that improve recovery times significantly.



Nutrition Coaching. As a certified nutritionist I have a special interest in helping people understand the logic of healthy eating. Many people have a reasonable understanding of food – whole foods vs processed foods for example – but there are important aspects of good nutrition that get lost in the noise. As the saying goes ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ and therein lay the problem I solve. I also have a particular interest in food sensitivities and how food affects not just health and bodyweight, but also mood and energy.


Wellness Coaching. This is a process of strategy development – of finding the issues that block progress, and finding ways to make good health happen. The art of healthy living is to make it natural – to make good choices habitual.

This is not therapy, it is a process that enables you to articulate your own strategies for the results that you want.



Self Defense. It is fun and a great way to get fit, and just maybe this kind of training could save your butt one day. I am professionally trained in kickboxing (Muay Thai) and MMA. This is a great way for teenage boys to get fit and work out their stress, and even better if their dads come too! Great for bonding and getting healthy together.

I have trained with Rashad Evans, former UFC World Champion.


Parenting for blokes. It seems that parenting in the 21st century doesn’t come as naturally as we hoped! So how to raise your kids so that they are happy and on your team – as oppposed to defiant, uncooperative little buggers that make you wonder how you got it so wrong. These sessions are packed with ways you can get onside with your kids and probably help your wife relax at the same time. You can check out this blog post to see where I am coming from.

If you would like to know more or make a time please use the form below, or via my contact page.


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