Welcome and thanks for dropping by. I offer personal training, exercise therapy, nutrition for weightloss and performance, boxing, rehabilitation, exercise programs for cancer and diabetes, and more.

I work with you to design an exercise and nutrition program that is specific to you and for you. There is nothing generic about what I do – which is why it works. (More detail is available on the services page.)

You can find out more about me via my bio, but briefly I have been a Personal Trainer, Exercise Therapist and certified Nutritionist for many years and I have helped a lot of people get amazing results that are sustainable over the long term.

I love what I do and I’m keen to help you – and notably if you have not been able to get good results elsewhere.

All of the following is available to you:

  • Personal training
  • Exercise Therapy  (including corrective exercise).
  • Prehabilitation exercise programming.
  • Rehabilitation esp. long term dysfunction.
  • Myofascial release.
  • Integrated exercise programs.
  • Functional strength training.
  • HIIT programs.
  • Strength and Conditioning.
  • Kettlebell instruction.
  • Boxing / kickboxing and self-defence.
  • Technique correction and injury prevention for runners.
  • Weight loss: Nutrition, exercise and lifestyle programs.
  • Training and advice for metabolic syndrome and diabetes.
  • Exercise and nutrition for Downs Syndrome.
  • Exercise for older adults.
  • Regenerative exercise for adults.
  • Exercise for children.
  • Allied health strategies including osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage therapy and Naturopathy.

I am also the author of  Eat, Move & Thrive: the 5 secrets of very healthy people.

Please feel free to explore the content and also contact me if you would like to know more. You can use the form below or:

My email address is Pete@cultureofhealth.com.au if you prefer.

Mobile is 04 68  690  042




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